Pattern Review: Mercer Top from Sewing and the City

TL; DR – Someday, I might get sleeves. Maybe.

You know I love a good Marimekko print, and I happened to find two aprons in this lovely print on super-sale (not wanting to spend upwards of $60/m for the fabric). I decided to make a Mercer Top (curvy version) from Sewing and the City with the fabric.

(An aside – I really wish she’d make more of her patterns size-inclusive, I love the aesthetic, the shoulders, etc.)

Anyway, I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I had to do some pattern matching to get enough for the exposed shoulder pieces, put white fabric on the underside of the shoulder pieces, and navy blue under the arms. The problem is, I ended up with one shoulder with the pattern on top and one shoulder with the white on top, and it took me a long time to figure out in my head how to change it to make it work.

But I made it work, and this pattern was dead-simple if I hadn’t decided to make it harder on myself. I can also easily hack this top into a dress which I am very excited to do sometime soon!

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