Pattern Review: Staycation Dress from Ellie and Mac Patterns

TL; DR – It’s…fine.

When I was in my OMG I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING ORANGE phase I picked up this jersey fabric. I wanted to make a tiered dress out of it, and while I wanted to make the free Laurel dress from Styla Patterns, it turned out the bodice was lined and I wasn’t having anything to do with that right now.

So I settled on the Staycation Dress from Ellie and Mac. I liked how there was a choice of length and a choice of neckline, as well as being size-inclusive. The pattern was dead-simple and my only error was that I melted (?) one of the pocket bags (or at least melted something that was on the iron on the pocket bag). I reinforced the seams with stay tape for the first time ever and it was…fine.

(Looking ahead, as I am writing three posts at once, I don’t know why I didn’t take this lesson over to my next make.)

The results of the dress are…fine. It’s fine. It’s comfortable, there are pockets, it was easy to make, and I’m satisfied enough with the results but not blown away. And that might be because of my current state of mind where I was satisfied with the make and not much more. I’ll wear it, and I’ll most likely use the pattern again with all the various jersey prints I currently have.

Honestly, I was hoping that this dress would be some dopamine dressing, but alas, I guess it wasn’t bright enough.

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