Pattern Review: Tie Tee from The Sew Sew

TL; DR – Fantastic, simple make, size-inclusive, no notes.

I am always wary of garments that could potentially show a lot of back. Unlike some, I have to wear a bra (and not the cute, fun kind that looks cute peaking out of a top), and thus am always a little cautious about patterns that may or may not end up showing just how many hooks in the back my bra has (spoiler alert: a lot).

The patterns also don’t tend to be very size inclusive, either.

So when The Sew Sew was asking for pattern testers on Instagram for their new, minimal waste Tie Tee pattern, I eagerly signed up and was selected! I was so excited to try this pattern to see if it worked for me, my back, and my bra.

I have to admit that I “cheated” a little bit on this pattern, as I used my own pre-made bias tape, so didn’t have to follow the directions for making my own. But it also meant that I finally had something to make out of this weird piece of fabric I got from the Mood Mystery Box. But it was a dead-simple make with minimal waste and…

It worked! I mean, the picture shows bra because I was wearing a weekend sports bra, but it worked! I have a tie-top that uses minimal woven fabric! I will definitely be making it again, when I finally get my pile of woven fabric scraps in some sort of order…Which the dog now enjoys sleeping on/in.

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