Mary Quant Mini-Dress, Take 5

TL; DR – You’d think after four times making the same dress, I’d know what I was doing, but you would be wrong. Anyway, I improvised and it turned out just fine. Also, I finally understand the physics of the burrito method.

My kids’ summer swim team’s colors are orange and blue. I bought bright orange fabric because orange was *the* color this summer (or one of them at least). When the kids had their WEAR ORANGE pep rally, I finally had an excuse to make an orange dress, but also because I had to make it in a hurry, the perfect, go-to pattern that wasn’t a wrap dress.

You’d think that Take 5 of the Mary Quant Mini-Dress would mean no mistakes. LOL. No, it just means I get lazy and complacent and forget to cut the front piece on the fold. Fear not, however. I knew that a straight-up orange dress was going to be a lot, so I was already planning a white contrast collar and accent pockets, and I had enough fabric, so I added a white stripe down the front middle of the dress to make up for the lack of fabric from not following directions.

Also, while I wasn’t planning on doing the burrito method for the facing, I did it and it made so much sense. It’s only taken me…I don’t know how many tries (and re-tries and watching tutorial videos, etc). When it clicks, it clicks.

I got a lot of compliments at the pep rally and everyone was really impressed with my mad sewing skills. So, now I have a really groovy orange mini-dress. Hooray. Also, I don’t know if you can see it, but I also now have a cover again for my basement lights!

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