V8379, Take 3

TL; DR – HEY, not all knits are the same! A walking foot is a miracle! I figured out how to use a hemming foot! Feeling fancy!

I had this shinny red knit ponte that I was struggling to figure out what to do with. And then, it hit me. A HOLIDAY WRAP DRESS!

I had only made the Vogue wrap dress in really stretchy jersey knits. This would be my first ponte, but I figured it would work. It did, but thank goodness it’s a special occasion dress because it’s a bit…bustier than I would wear to, say, work.

It started auspiciously enough, with my machine chewing on the edge of the fabric as I tried to get it started. But then I remembered, I HAVE A WALKING FOOT! It came with my new machine, and I figured, why not?


I decided to top-stitch the facing and I think it looks good, and (AND!) I also finally figured out how to use the hemming foot. It helps that I did the widest hemming foot, and the ponte is really stable, so easy to feed through, but still. I am feeling pretty good about refining my skills and figuring out how to use different tools/feet.

I’m also trying out my new tripod for pictures. Still working on it…

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